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Central Hydraulics, Inc.
Premier Eaton Aeroquip Hose& Fittings Distributor
One of the largest White Hydraulic Motor stocking distributors
(386) 253-2568 Outside U.S.


Eaton Aeroquip


U.S. Coast Guard
Marine & Naval
Hose & Fittings


White Hydraulics - Roller Stator Motors, Low Speed - High Torque, Gerotor Hydraulic Motors - RE Series, RS Series, HB Series, CE Series, DR Series, DT Series, Brake Motors - *** [LINK OPENS IN NEW WINDOW] ***

White Hydraulic Motors


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White Hydraulics Information

White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link
White Hydraulic Motor Link


If you need a replacement White Hydraulic Motor or just parts to repair your current motor give us a call or e-mail us at cenhyd@gmail.com for a fast quote. We carry a large inventory of White Hydraulic Motors and parts so you can be up and running again in no time We can drop ship the White Motors or parts blind on request to supply your customer with the parts they need to keep them satisfied.

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Aeroquip Hose & Fittings - Central Hydraulics, Premier Aeroquip Distributor
Flexmaster Joints

Eaton Aeroquip Flexmaster Joint Links:
[Flexmaster Joints - For Rigid Pipe]
[Flexmaster Joints - How To Order]
[Flexmaster Joints - For Inch-Size Tube]
[Flexmaster Joints - Parts List]
[Flexmaster Joints - Technical Data]

Aeroquip Hose & Fittings, Hydraulic Supply Distributor, Flexmaster Joints, Flexmaster Hydraulics Aeroquip Hose, Hydraulics, Crimp Machine, Fittings, Flexmaster Joints, Adapters Aeroquip Hose Bouquet - Flexmaster Joints, Aeroquip Flexmaster Hydraulics

What does Eaton Aeroquip Premier Distributor mean for you?
Our Eaton Aeroquip Premier Distributor Status means that we have successfully passed a rigorous certification process, which assures you that we have the proper knowledge, proficiency, personnel, equipment and inventory to assemble and sell top-quality, fluid-conveying products from Eaton Aeroquip.

Specializing in Wholesale Pricing, OEM Sales & Export of Marine & Naval Hose & Fittings, Eaton Aeroquip Flexmaster Joints White Hydraulics Roller Stator Motors .Specializing in Repair, Wholesale and OEM Sales of Hydraulic Hose, Pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Valves & Components.

Lowest Prices!   Best Customer Service!   Quickest Delivery!

(800) 264-9571

(386)253-2568 Outside U.S.
(386) 257-5728 Fax

If you cannot contact us by phone please e-mail us at


2013 Central Hydraulics, Inc.

Central Hydraulics offers the following products: Eaton Aeroquip - Hose Fittings Adapters Flexmaster Joints, ALEMITE - Fluid Control Valves Hose Reels, BAND-IT - Punch Type Clamps Tools, BOSTON - Air Water Fuel Chemical Hose, BRAND HYDRAULICS - Valves Stackable Mono Block, CHI Discharge Suction Hose Cam-Lock Fittings, Brass DOT push to connect and compression fittings for truck and trailer, CROSS MFG - Cylinders Valves Pumps, DELTROL - Needle Flow Control Check Cartridge Valves, DIXON - Valves Couplings Camlocks, DONALDSON - Hydraulic Filters Components, DYNAMIC - Pressure Gauges High Pressure Ball Valves, FILL-RITE - Fuel Transfer Pumps Meters, FOSTER - Water Air Disconnects, GRACO - Bulk Fluid Grease Dispensing Air Pumps, HANNAY - Hose Reels, HUSKY - Fuel Nozzles & Accessories, HYCO - Refuse Dump Truck Cylinders, HYDRAULICS INC - Full Time Hydraulic 3000psi Live Swivels, PERMCO - Gear Pumps Motors Dump Pumps, RAM-PAC - Portable Power Units Pumps Rams, SUPER SWIVELS - Live Swivels Water Air, SYNFLEX - Thermoplastic Hose Conductive & Non-Conductive, VOSS - Metric Adapters & Fittings, WHITE DRIVE PRODUCTS - Low Speed High Torque Motors, YUKEN - Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves. Sava Tech - safety equipment, lifting air bags, and pipe plugs. cenhyd@gmail.com, whiterollerstator.com 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 8 9 10 11 , brandvalve.com, aeroquiphoses.com, aeroquipmatchmate.com , aeroquipflexmaster.com , matchmatehose.com , eatonflexmaster.com , eatonhose.com , rollerstator.com , yukenvalve.com,


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500350A3120AGAA CE1441430KR24AA CE3207050A1 DR16080680 DR2507045D DR2737535FAA
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700018079 CE1447430PAA CE3250310R2 DR1618045DAA DR25080200 DR2767398DAA
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783852 CE1605030X CE4507030AZ DR1618055RF DR2508040AA DR2767415DR3AZ
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800525C8836AAAA CE16070300 CE4507030PAA DR1618075DAA DR2508045D DR27674180
800525C8930AAAA CE1607030A1 CE45070400 DR1618095D DR2508045DAA DR2767418AA
800625C8930AAAA CE1607030AA CE4507040AA DR1618095DAA DR2508045DF DR2767418DAA
800735C8940AAAA CE1607030AZ CE4507041AA DR1618095DR3AA DR2508045DR3 DR33070300
800888200 CE1607030P CE45070500 DR16180970 DR2508045DR3AA DR3307030AA
800888201 CE1607030PAA CE4507050AA DR1618097AA DR2508045R3 DR3307030D
800910C8940AAAA CE16070310 CE45203100 DR1618097D DR2508045R3AA DR3307030DAA
800910D8947AAAA CE1607031AA CE4520310AA DR1618097DAA DR25080480 DR3307030P
910013001 CE16070400 CE4520310AZ DR1618097DRAA DR2508048AA DR3307030PAA
910018014 CE1607040AA CE4520310JAA DR1618160Z1 DR2508048D DR3307030R
913000K3031CAAA CE16070410 CE4520310PAA DR1618160Z1AA DR2508048DAA DR3307030R2AA
950777000 CE1607041AA CE45203110 DR1637385AA DR25080500 DR3307030RAA
96257 CE16070500 CE4520311AA DR1637530R3AA DR2508050AA DR33070350
97363 CE1607050A2 CE4525310AA DR16375350 DR2508050DAA DR3307035AA
BK10104100 CE1607050AA CE45370400 DR1637535AA DR2508050F DR3307035D
BK1010410A1 CE16070510 CE4537040AA DR1637537F DR25080550 DR3307035DAA
BK1010410AA CE1607051AA CE45370410 DR1637537FAA DR2508055AA DR3307035R9
BK1010410AZ CE16203100 CE4537041AA DR16375390 DR2508055D DR33070380
BK12143000 CE1620310AA CE4537050R2 DR1637539A1 DR2508055DAA DR3307038DPAA
BK1214300AA CE1620310AZ CE4537050R2AA DR1637539AA DR2508055DF DR33070400
BK1214310AA CE1625530AA CE4537051R2 DR1637539AZ DR2508055DFAA DR3307040AA
BK14043100 CE1635040JAA CE4537051R2AA DR1666619A2 DR2508055F DR33070450
BK1404310AA CE1637030F CE4541430KL15AA DR16673900 DR2508055FAA DR3307045AA
BK1404310AZ CE1637030FAA CE4541430KR25AA DR1667390AA DR2508055R3 DR3307045D
CE07040300 CE1637030P CE4547430AA DR1667390D DR2508055R3AA DR3307045DAA
CE07050300 CE1637030PAA CE4547430P DR1667398D DR2508057D DR3307045DFR
CE0705030A1 CE1637040R3AA CE4547430PAA DR1667398DA1 DR2508057DAA DR3307045DFR3
CE0705030A2 CE1641430KL15AA CE4567430AA DR1667398DAA DR2508058AA DR3307045DFR3AA
CE0705030AA CE1641430KL195A D91601023A2 DR1667410DAA DR25080590 DR3307045DFRAA
CE0705030AZ CE1641430KL25AA D91601062AA DR1667410R3A2 DR2508059AA DR3307045DR3
CE0705030X CE1641430KR15AA D91601072AA DR16674150 DR2508059D DR3307045DR3AA
CE0705030XAA CE1641430KR195A D91601092AA DR1667415R3 DR2508059DAA DR3307048DAA
CE07050400 CE1641430KR25 D91601092R3AA DR1667415R3AA DR25080680 DR3307050DA1
CE0705040A1 CE1642430KL15AA D91602113A2 DR1667417AA DR2508068AA DR3307050DAA
CE0705040AA CE1642430KR25AA D91602173AA DR1907030DFAA DR25080970 DR3307058DAA
CE0705041AA CE1642431KL15AA D91901011F DR1907030DP DR2508097AA DR3307058DRAA
CE0705051AA CE1644431AZ D91901072AA DR1907030DPAA DR2508097D DR3307090AA
CE07070300 CE1645430AA D91901072R3AA DR1907030FPAA DR2508097DAA DR3307845DFR3
CE0707030AA CE1646430FR1 D91901092AA DR1907030P DR25080990 DR33080200
CE0707030AZ CE1647430AA D91901092R3AA DR1907030PAA DR2508099AA DR3308020AA
CE0707030J CE1667430AA D91901152AA DR19070350 DR2508149CZAZ DR33080250
CE0707030JAA CE1802030AZ D91901182ZAA DR1907035AA DR2508169Z5AA DR3308025AA
CE0707030JP CE18040300 D91902063F DR1907035D DR2510080WAA DR3308028D
CE0707030JPAA CE1804030AA D91902113A2 DR1907035DAA DR2510085RWAA DR33080400
CE0707030P CE1804030AZ D91903083AA DR1907035DR3 DR25122350 DR3308040AA
CE0707030PAA CE1805030A1 D92501022A2 DR1907035DR3AA DR2512235AA DR33080450
CE0707030X CE1805030AA D92501023A2 DR1907035P DR25122380 DR3308045AA
CE0707030XAA CE1805030X D92501062AA DR1907035PAA DR2512238AA DR3308045D
CE0707031AA CE1805030XAA D92501071AA DR1907035PR3 DR2512255AA DR3308045DAA
CE07070400 CE18050400 D925010720 DR1907035PR3AA DR25122750 DR3308045DR
CE0707040AA CE1805040AA D92501072A2 DR1907038DAA DR2512275AA DR3308045DRAA
CE0707040F CE1805040AZ D92501072AA DR19070390 DR2512295AA DR33080480
CE07070410 CE1805040J D92501091AA DR1907039AA DR2516045DR9FAA DR3308048AA
CE0707041AA CE1805040JAA D92501092R3AA DR19070400 DR2516048DAA DR3308048D
CE07070500 CE18070300 D92501093AA DR1907040AA DR2516215DR3A2 DR3308048DAA
CE0707050AA CE1807030A1 D92501152AA DR19070450 DR2516215DR3AA DR3308050F
CE07070510 CE1807030AA D92504023A2 DR1907045AA DR25180450 DR3308050FAA
CE0707051AA CE1807030AZ D92504154F DR1907049DAZ DR2518045AA DR3308053DF
CE0720310AA CE1807030JP D92801012AA DR1907050AA DR2518045D DR3308053DFAA
CE0725530FA1 CE1807030JPAA D92801022A2 DR19070580 DR2518045DAA DR33080550
CE0735041R2AZ CE1807030P DR1907058AA D92801023A2 DR2518045FAZ DR3308055AA
CE0742430KL15 CE1807030PAA D92801023R3A2 DR19080350 DR25180480 DR3308055D
CE0742430KL15AA CE1807030X D92801072A2 DR1908035AA DR2518048AA DR3308055DAA
CE0742430KR25AA CE1807030XAA D92801072AA DR19080380 DR2518048DAA DR3308055DFAA
CE0742431JKR24A CE18070310 D92801092R3AA DR19080400 DR2518050F DR3308055DR3
CE0742431KR25AA CE1807031AA D92804023A2 DR1908040AA DR2518050FAA DR3308055DR3AA
CE0744430AZ CE1807031P D93301012AA DR1908040DF DR2518059D DR3308055R
CE0744431AZ CE1807031PAA D93301072AA DR1908040DFAA DR2518059DA2 DR3308055R3
CE0745430AA CE18070400 D93301092AA DR19080450 DR2518059DAA DR3308055R3AA
CE0745431AA CE1807040AA D93301092R3AA DR1908045AA DR2518059FA2 DR3308055R9
CE07674300 CE18070410 D93301094AA DR1908045D DR25180750 DR3308055R9AA
CE10050300 CE1807041AA D93302113A2 DR1908045DAA DR2518075AA DR3308055RAA
CE1005030A1 CE18070500 D93302113AA DR1908045DF DR2518079A2 DR33080570
CE1005030AA CE1807050AA D93303102AA DR1908045DFAA DR25180950 DR3308057AA
CE1005030AZ CE18070510 D93303142AA DR1908045DR3 DR2518095AA DR3308057DAA
CE1005030X CE1807051AA D938010110 DR1908045DR3AA DR2518095D DR3308057R9
CE1005030XAA CE18203100 D93801012AA DR1908045F DR2518095DA2 DR3308057R9AA
CE10050400 CE1820310A1 D93801013A2 DR1908045FAA DR2518095DAA DR3308058AA
CE1005040A1 CE1820310AA D93801023A2 DR1908045R3 DR2518095DR3AA DR3308058D
CE10070300 CE1820310AZ D93801072AA DR1908045R3AA DR25180970 DR3308058DAA
CE1007030A1 CE1821310JAA D93802113A2 DR19080470 DR2518097A1 DR3308059D
CE1007030AA CE18253100 D94601012AA DR1908047AA DR2518097A2 DR3308059DAA
CE1007030AZ CE1825310AA D94601091AA DR1908047DA2 DR2518097AA DR33080600
CE1007030JAA CE1841430AZ D94602113A2 DR1908047R DR2518099A1 DR3308060AA
CE1007030P CE1841430KL134A D94603102AA DR1908047RAA DR2518215R7 DR33080970
CE1007030PA1 CE1841430KL15AA D94604034A2 DR19080480 DR2536538AA DR3308097AA
CE1007030PAA CE1841430KL15AZ D95601012AA DR1908048AA DR2537388AZ DR3308097D
CE1007030XAA CE1841430KL25AA D95601072AA DR1908048D DR25375300 DR3308097DAA
CE10070310 CE1841430KR134A D95603102AA DR1908048DAA DR2537530AA DR3310080AA
CE1007031AA CE1841430KR15AA D95603132AA DR19080500 DR25375350 DR3310085DAA
CE10070400 CE1841430KR15AZ D96601072AA DR1908050A1 DR2537535AA DR3310085DW
CE1007040A1 CE1841430KR25AA D96601091AA DR1908050AA DR2537535D DR3310085R3WAA
CE1007040AA CE1841430KR25AZ D96604062AA DR1908050FR3 DR2537535DAA DR33122350
CE10070410 CE1841430KR34AA DR1207030D DR1908050FR9 DR2537535F DR3312235AA
CE1007041AA CE1841430KR35AA DR1207030DAA DR19080550 DR2537535FAA DR33122550
CE10070500 CE1841430KR95AZ DR1207038D DR1908055A1 DR2537535H1XAA DR3312255AA
CE1007050A1 CE1841430PAZ DR1207038DAA DR1908055AA DR2537535HXAA DR3318040AA
CE1007050AA CE1845430AA DR1207038DRX DR1908055D DR2537537D DR3318040R9AA
CE1007051A1 CE1847430AA DR1207038DRXAA DR1908055DAA DR2537537DAA DR3318045AA
CE1007051AZ CE1847430AZ DR12080250 DR1908055DF DR2537537DR DR3318045AZ
CE1020310AZ CE1847430PAA DR1208025AA DR1908055DR9 DR2537537DRAA DR3318045D
CE1025530AA CE1847431PAA DR1208025D DR1908055DR9AA DR2537538AA DR3318045DAA
CE1025531AA CE1865430AA DR1208025DAA DR1908055F DR25375390 DR3318047D
CE1042430KL15AA CE2005030X DR1208028AA DR1908055FAA DR2537539A2 DR3318047DAA
CE1042430KR25AA CE2005030XAA DR1208035DF DR1908055FR3 DR2537539AA DR3318058AA
CE1042431KR25AA CE20070300 DR1208035DFAA DR1908055FR3AA DR2537539AZ DR3318058D
CE1043430KL15AA CE2007030AA DR12080400 DR1908055R3AA DR2552149D DR3318059D
CE1043430KR25AA CE2007030J DR1208040AA DR19080650 DR25673900 DR3318059DAA
CE1044430AA CE2007030JAA DR1208045AA DR1908065AA DR2567390AA DR3318067DR2A2
CE1044430JAA CE2007030P DR1208045D DR19080970 DR2567390D DR3318067R2A2
CE1044431AZ CE2007030PA1 DR1208045DAA DR1908097AA DR2567395F DR33180750
CE1045430AA CE2007030PAA DR1208045DF DR1908097D DR2567395FAA DR3318075AA
CE1045430AZ CE2007030XAA DR1208045DFAA DR1908097DAA DR2567397AA DR3318090DA2
CE1045431AA CE20070310 DR1208045DFR3AA DR19080990 DR25673980 DR33180950
CE1047430AA CE2007031AA DR1208045DR3AA DR1908099DF DR2567398AA DR3318095A2
CE1047430FP CE2007040AA DR12080480 DR19090550 DR2567399D DR3318095AA
CE10503100 CE20203100 DR1208048AA DR1910085AA DR2567410AA DR3318095D
CE1050310AA CE2020310A1 DR1208048D DR1912235AA DR2567410D DR3318095DA2
CE1065430AZ CE2020310AA DR1208048DAA DR1916040A1 DR2567410DAA DR3318095DAA
CE1067430AA CE2041430AZ DR1208050F DR1916045AA DR2567410DR DR3318141DZ
CE12050300 CE2041430KL15AA DR1208050FAA DR1916045DR9FAA DR2567410DRAA DR3336385AA
CE1205030A1 CE2041430KL15AZ DR1208051D DR1918030AA DR2567415DAA DR3336530AA
CE1205030AA CE2041430KL25AA DR12080550 DR1918045D DR2567415DR3AZ DR3336535AA
CE1205030AZ CE2041430KR15AA DR1208055AA DR1918045DAA DR2567415R3AZ DR3337385AA
CE1205030X CE2041430KR15AZ DR1208055D DR1918048D DR2567417AA DR3337388FAA
CE1205030XAA CE2041430KR25 DR1208055DAA DR1918050AA DR2567418A2 DR33375300
CE12050400 CE2042430KL15AA DR1208055DFR3 DR1918057DR DR2707030D DR3337530AA
CE1205040A1 CE2042430KR25AA DR1208055R3 DR1918057DRAA DR2707030DAA DR33375350
CE2047430AA CE2047430A1 DR12080580 DR19180580 DR27070350 DR3337535AA
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